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Holiday Couples Coffee And Massage Gift Combo

The Mothers Best

The perfect stocking stuffer! Get yourself and your sweetheart into the spirit of the holidays with our 500mg Full Spectrum Best Selling Muscle Gel, Healing Lavender Hemp Lotion and our 1500mg Cinnamon Fireball Tincture. 

The Muscle Gel is great for aching sore muscles and joints while the Healing Hemp Lavender Lotion is a pain reliever as well, but also is a great for skin irritations, sunburn, even diaper rash. The Lavender Hemp Lotion is also great as a general skin care regimen, helping to moisturize the skin and keep it looking radiant. Also, the muscle is fabulous when used as a massage gel, helping to soothe and release knots and muscle pain. 

Our 1500mg Cinnamon Fireball Tincture gives you all the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD oil with a great flavor that is awesome with coffee.

Try this combo today! Your partner will thank you!