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The CBD Massage Craze. What Is Everyone Talking About?

The CBD Massage Craze.  What Is Everyone Talking About?

The CBD Massage Craze.  What Is Everyone Talking About?

If you’ve ever had a good massage, undoubtedly it left you feeling refreshed and relaxed, helped to relieve stressor trigger points in sore muscles and generally improved your mental outlook. CBD infused lotions show possible benefits in amplifying the therapeutic benefits and healing properties of massage therapy. In particular, if you are very physically active, such as an athlete, runner or sports enthusiast, a CBD lotion or gel infused massage might help your body recover from strenuous workouts quickly.  

Topical CBD lotions we offer are The Mother’s Best Healing Hemp Lavender Lotion and The Mother’s Best Muscle Relief Gel.


How Does CBD Make A Good Massage Better?

CBD lotions and gels are the perfect partners to make a good massage even better. Firstly, the possible pain relieving and anti-inflammatory components of CBD may help reduce inflammation that you may be experiencing in muscles and joints. Also many people seek massages to help relieve stress. Let’s face it. Most of us deal with daily stressors of family, job, keeping up with the Jones’, staying on schedule and trying to get everything done in our lives as efficiently as possible. This routine creates a form of cognitive dissonance that can make people feel uneasy and uncomfortable, because no matter how hard we churn the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ we just can’t catch up. Yet we try to do it anyway. Current studies show that CBD may be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation, as well as relieving stress, anxiety and depression among other things. So, when you combine CBD with some ‘hands on’ massage therapy it may potentially help with healing and stress relieving.


How Does CBD Work Inside The Body?

CBD targets the endocannabinoid system by interacting with receptors in the brain and central nervous system to help promote balance, or homeostasis within the body. (Stress, Anxiety and CBD)  All animals have an endocannabinoid system. It’s kind of like a control mechanism that constantly scans your body and looks for anomalies or abnormalities that are out of balance. Without getting too technical, CBD binds with CB2 receptors that are found in nerve and immune cells that are in almost all organs within the body to help keep them in balance or bring them back into homeostasis. A good massage also stimulates TRPV1 receptors in the body, as well as CB2 receptors resulting in a powerful combination that helps relieve pain and inflammation. It is important to note that CBD or cannabidiol will not get you high like it’s cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Possible Top Benefits Of A CBD Infused Massage

Could Improve Circulation - Studies show CBD may help relieve stress and as a result has the potential to possibly help you relax. Massages innately tend to help your body relax as well by loosening tired sore muscles and tissues allowing blood to flow more freely throughout the body. Blood is a healing component within your body and good blood flow helps all of the other systems of the body function properly. 

Possible Stress Reduction - Constantly churning on the ‘hamster wheel’ of life creates daily stressors that can sometimes be difficult to deal with. A good massage may help you de-stress by loosening tight muscle fibers and tissues, allowing for increased healing blood flow.

May Improve Sleep - Good quality sleep is critical to helping stay in balance because that is when your body repairs damaged muscle fibers, tissues and recharges itself. Studies show that CBD might help you get to sleep quicker and have a higher quality of relaxing sleep.

May Reduce Chronic Pain -  A good relaxing full body massage is a relatively simple way to relieve chronic pain. A great deal of chronic pain is caused by inflammation and/or muscle spasms that cause nerve compression, or pinched nerves. CBD may have a therapeutic effect on these issues by reducing inflammation and relieving pain 

CBD And Massages.  A Natural Pairing.

While additional studies are needed to determine all the benefits of CBD, we do know it shows possible benefits in areas such as pain relief, sleep, anti-inflammatory, anxiety and depression. Plus, it is an all natural, plant based product that has been around as a possible pain reliever since it was introduced by the Chinese around 2500BC. If your muscles are tired, sore or the stress of the day might have you down, you might consider a wonderful full body massage using CBD infused lotions (The Mother’s Best Healing Hemp Lavender Lotion) and gels (The Mother’s Best Muscle Relief Gel) for all natural relief.  
































One advantage of high-quality CBD is the anti-inflammatory properties of both strains.

This all-natural anti-inflammatory compound can help you in reducing muscle soreness and even lifting the inflamed areas of the skin.

With that said, you can also find CBD products in the market that focuses on beautification. Due to the uplifting effects of CBD and THC, several companies have formulated products that have essential oils and creams. 

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